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[NA] Unreasonable Rebels[BISH] is looking for new members!

Unreasonable Rebels [BISH] is currently looking new, old, and returning players to join our rapidly growing community.! We are mainly a PvE guild that participates in Open-World Exploration, World Bosses, Fractals, & Dungeons. We also do PvP, WvW, Achievement hunting, and more! If you're looking for an active LGBTQI+ friendly guild and Discord filled with laid back people to run Fractals, Dungeons, or PvP with, we may be a good fit for you!

We have an active voice chat you are more than welcome to join! You don’t have to speak just listen if you want to!

We have guild missions every Friday at 9:30 pm EST. Feel free to join and get to know the fam & get commendations you can spend on item & more in our Guild Hall!

Our Guild Hall is fairly new, but growing quickly, so let me know if you would like to help! We are currently working towards upgrading our hall!

PvP- We have a good amount of members that PvP regularly both Ranked & Unranked! If you need help getting your PvP up to be able to do rank just ask! We do PvP regularly in the afternoon/evening time. We frequently PvP as a guild & for guild missions!

PvE- We do lots World Events, Bosses, Story, Hero Points, Farming & more! If you need help with any of these don’t hesitate to ask for help! We are a friendly helpful guild that will help you get to where you want to go! Feel free to ask all the questions!

WvW- We have experienced WvW players who are willing to teach new members the basics, run WvW guild missions, and assist with all your Warclaw collection needs! We mostly organize our WvW play as a small squad, but will link up with larger groups depending on what our players want to do!
We have WvW guild missions, beginner WvW, and just giving basic understanding to how to. Just need help with getting warclaw? We can help!

Fractals- Most of our players do Fractals weekly! We also have fractal training if you are interested! We do guild Fractals once a week or anytime you want someone to do fractals just put it in guild chat or discord!

Dungeons- Need help with a certain path or achievements? We have an officer that can help run with you! We don’t mind! Just let us know and we can help you navigate it! We even do guild dungeons once a week!

Achievements- Need help with a weapon or armor collection, griffon, beetle, or anything else? We love achievements here & we love to help!

If you are interested feel free to message me in game or join our discord: https://discord.gg/snqvPku