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Full support guardian

Hi community how would you build a full support guardian (or dragonhunter/firebrand) for let's say openworld group event content. Mace + Shield and Staff I guess? Cleric armor? Which weapon sigils? I thank you in advance for suggestions!


  • I'm currently looking into snowcrow FB Heal build, but I welcome further suggestions.

  • Bawi.9541Bawi.9541 Member ✭✭

    Things you could look into:
    Minstrel/Harrier Monk Firebrand heal-bot
    Condi Quickbrand (check youtube Nike!)
    I personally like Diviner/Berserker Quickbrand with Fireworks Runes, but you won't find that one on any of the meta sites; and it's more of a burst+boon hybrid with runspeed than a full support

    Mace/Shield + Staff is the full heal-bot setup. You could take axe or sword for their boon if you don't need mace healing.
    Sigils I like boon duration and healing% for full supports.
    Firebrand > Core and DH.

    Depending on what events you're doing, following a commander and spamming 1 might be enough; really depends on the content you wanna do

  • Thank you for your thoughts and feedback! I see the answer on my question depends a lot on the content I play. As I am still a rather new player (guardian first char currently living season 4) I was generally interested in support type of guardian, sometimes in open world I thought it would be nice to try out to support in meta events or similiar. Currently when in open world I play DPS core guardian (sometimes switching dragonhunter) and full berserker gear similar to "radiant greatsword" build on metabattle.

    I will look into your suggestions, thanks again.

  • As I understand: Cleric would make me tanky + heal, minstrels even tankier + boon duration enhanced, harrier major attribute power and minor attributes healing and concentration. So it seems to me for open world harrier is better. But as I already have berserk gear, I could continue play berserk but if I really want to support in metaevent or similar in open world I instead use cleric/minstrel?

  • Bawi.9541Bawi.9541 Member ✭✭

    I think that's the most practical approach, the way you're doing it right now.
    Going full support is a fun playstyle, and can carry really hard in situations where you need that much healing. But that's just not the reality of 99% of content in GW2.
    And you're losing all solo capabilities for going full heal-bot. The condi quickbrand combines really high damage with good boon support, but skips on the healing bonuses, which is a really good fit for what GW2 actually demands of the player.

    If you're new to the game; support in GW2 is disconnected from stats on gear, and comes down mostly to traits and the skills/weapons you pick. For example all Guardians have really strong defenses against projectiles, and access to Stability (boon) and Aegis (boon).
    Only if you really wanna commit hard to support and heal-bot playstyle stats like Healing on gear become interesting.

    That's my take on it at least ^^

  • dace.8019dace.8019 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 26, 2019

    I'm using this for Fractals

    Lots of healing, quickness, protection and aegis. It should be fine for open world events and such, but I wouldn't like to do anything alone with it because the damage is pretty low. The last 2 utility skills can be swapped depending on circumstance/preference.

  • Thank you @dace.8019 for your build post I am looking forward to try that kind of build out. For the midterm I want to acquire harrier equipment too, but as I am still a new player I first concentrate on getting full ascended berserker as my gear is berserker exotic + caladbolg. I guess for harrier it does make sense to aim for ascended instead of getting exotic harrier, because it is a comparatively difficult to obtain attribute combination.

  • Asum.4960Asum.4960 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 28, 2019

    Keep in mind that Full support can be problematic in openworld/meta events, as they distribute credit by damage done, so even if you singlehandedly keep the whole squad alive, you might not get any loot at the end due to not doing much boss damage (which happened to me once when testing Support FB in open world at Chak Gerent, and support confirmed it was a Boss damage issue).

    The best "support" for open world would probably be a Quickbrand, which is fantastic for solo play, and scales up incredibly as soon as allies are around, due to giving everybody permanent quickness.

    If you definitely want to go Full Support, something like what @dace.8019 posted will do the trick.
    Although with that much boon duration taking both Quickness Traits and the Elite Shout quickness is quite overkilled, so I would either swap the Elite for the Mantra, or take something like Weighty Terms, Legendary Lore, or Archivist of Whisper's instead, depending on your preference.
    I personally would go with Mantra of Liberation for endgame content and Weighty Terms with Feel my Wrath for open world.

    For weapons I would replace the Mace with Axe. Mace is incredibly clunky, while Axe provides pulls/CC as well as providing permanent Fury with the symbol.
    Especially when running Mantra of lore, as well as having Resolve Tome, Regen is already covered.
    "Hold the Line!" over Mantra of Lore is also great if not facing much Condi Pressure.
    Switch Honor for 3,2,2 for some more Prot, and Virtues for 2,2,2. When Sharing Virtue of Resolve, you might as well pick up at least Absolute Resolution.

    As for the Open World Quickbrand,

    This is a Fantastic Open World build, be it solo or for groups, as it provides Perma Quickness for everybody around as support, while having perma 25 self Might and 100% Crit Chance, due to also providing 100% Fury uptime. It also does 25 Vuln.
    Not what you asked for, but might be something to look at.

    R.I.P. Build Templates, 15.10.2019

  • Thank you @Asum.4960 your points are definitely considered and do make sense!

  • TheAgedGnome.7520TheAgedGnome.7520 Member ✭✭✭

    Full support for open world is problematic, since most events don't last too long and so the rest of the time you probably need some decent solo damage abilities.

    I like a slightly more tanky build that can do a bunch of different things. This is what I use when soloing:

    When I want to do support for open world events, including metas like Dragon Stand, I'll use the same gear, just swap a few traits and skills, as such:

    This lets me put out damage if I want, but I can also just hang back and be support.

    I easily get gold in events just by pumping out some healing, quickness, might, etc. while barely damaging the boss directly, so rewards are not solely based on damage dealt.

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