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Non-Meta Core Mesmer Roaming & Dueling

Soulock.1752Soulock.1752 Member ✭✭
edited May 21, 2019 in Professions

I'm still playing with my Core Mesmer but with different traits, runes, sigils and playstyle away from Meta! I record myself roaming in Home Borderland (doing my guildie a favor of killing enemy roamers) I haven't upload or play much due to real life being a pain in the gucci... so, I made it up with this 3/4 video long worth of roaming and having fun duels! It really helped me meet interesting players that does not play meta and still pose a dangerous threat.

To make it clear, I'm just a average nobody who play Mesmer for only 2 months and was once a Warrior/Spellbreaker main. I'm not claiming that I'm better then anyone as there will always be someone better. I might need more time to fight more experienced veterans in WvW and understand what I'm still lacking either in build or my horrible skill as a player, hopefully this build will finally be complete so that I may find joy in playing Mesmer.


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