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This is jacked up

kittyfur.6459kittyfur.6459 Member ✭✭

Half the broken classes are bunkers and cant be killed. The other half literally kill you in .5 seconds. Both builds are stupidly broken. By now we're all aware of which builds these are. NO OTHER BUILDS ARE VIABLE and that's what really irritates me. Why have all these pvp options if 90% of them can't be realistically used? TEST YOUR PATCHES before you release it devs. This kind of incompetence is to a level i've never seen in any game before.


  • MrPhantasia.5924MrPhantasia.5924 Member ✭✭✭

    I'm fine with ranked just being warriors, engineers, and revs. Less toxic this way.

    Gw2 Pvp should rebrand and go on a marketing blitz, Warriors vs Engineers and hard ban all other classes. I honestly think the game could at least be revitalized to Overwatch tier in player population if they did that.

  • @kittyfur.6459 said:
    Why have all these pvp options if 90% of them can't be realistically used?

    Good question. That being said-

    TEST YOUR PATCHES before you release it devs.

    They probably do., but probably not to the extent you are seeking. If they don't I doubt they'd pay people to sit in a room, grind the amount of hours requires to get competent in pvp baseline, test out every available combination of skills and synergies and manage to sniff out all the busted stuff before the patch goes live. Even if they did that, patches would be even longer than they are now.

    All that being said, it is understandably irritating when obnoxious mechanics are dropped into the game or classes are reworked in a way that both makes their meta build more powerful and removes the viability from modified builds.

    [Charr Noises]
    [Plays every class]

  • Stallic.2397Stallic.2397 Member ✭✭✭

    Aren't most warriors bruisers instead of full bunkers? The current meta is either Bunker, Bruiser, or Burst... and that's better than most seasons

  • Sovari.7246Sovari.7246 Member ✭✭

    I notice a lot of Necromancers don't really play much boon counter which is so annoying because it's obvious it counters scrapper and firebrands so well

  • Gamble.4580Gamble.4580 Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 23, 2019

    Not a big deal on reaper as we have one main boon counter s5 and we kill fb and eng with one burst combo with it. It’s a window thing but it blows them up. Scourges are still tho ain’t they?

  • I think the only way to make sense of the terrible state of pvp is by accepting that gw2 is a pve game, with pvp and wvw thrown in as a side thought.

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