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[EU] Small, social and casual guild Seekers of True Experience [SOTE] looking for recruits!

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Hey! Seekers of True Experience is recruiting social, friendly and active members. We are looking for people who genuinely want to be part of our social, friendly community full of weirdos, not just to be a "member" in a guild that never talks or takes part of activities.

About guild
Currently, the time i am typing this (obviously it may have changed by the time you, the person reading this decide to join) we have 21 members, we aren't planning to become large guild. Like most guilds we dont have a lot of active members that not only log in but actually take part of guild activities. Looking for friendly, social, fun recruits that want to join and plan to stay, ofc if you decide guild isn't for you we cant keep you XD. Doesn't matter if you are a weirdo or normie (might suffer cause of bunch of weirdos and 1 normie officer we have XD), veteran or a newbie. We welcome all social recruits looking for buddies to play with!

So what our guild does?
Sote is mostly PvE guild and we also play PvP, we are casual guild so we are not some hardcore players. We are doing weekly PvP guild missions, we might which to PvE when we get more active recruits and people want so. We are no means good in pvp, rather average. We also sometimes run PvE content. Sometimes also run T1-T2 daily fractals. We also have discord server where we chill, text and use voice chat (if you are shy, or cant for some reason voice chat, no problem we wont force you, during missions you can just join and listen) for guild missions and other activities we do. Activities are something we come up on the go when playing together.

Extra Info
* Guild player ages are currently from 17 to 44.
* Guild Hall lvl 9.
* Weekly PvP guild missions (at least as long as we dont have enough people for PvE).

Interested in joining?
Option 1: Contact me, guild master Amolitha (Athena.4962) in game, thru mail or whisper.
Option 2: Contact me thru my discord account Amolitha#2999.


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