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[EU] Small, social and casual guild Seekers of True Experience [SOTE] looking for recruits!

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Hey! Lonely? Weirdo? Social? Seekers of True Experience is recruiting social, friendly and active Weirdos.Looking for players that want to join casual social guild consisting of unfiltered lunatics. Works just like a normal casual guild but just smaller, slower and WORSE. More info below if we got your attention!

What exactly is this guild about?
This guild does what ever seems fun, mostly PvE content aside of PvP missions. We look for social members who is here to joke around and don't mind us not taking game seriously. If you want to focus on certain aspect of the game and look for actually good players then this is not place for you. We don't mind having LGBT+ members, but if you are homophobe sorry you wont fit in here. As long as you look for fun community to chat, find friends and have fun in GW2 this guild might be for you, dont be afraid to contact me to ask questions and get more information if needed to make your decision.

Information about guild
* Guild player ages are currently from 17 to 44.
* Guild Hall lvl 16.
* Guild uses discord for communication, annoucments (Okay if you are too shy to voice chat, in this case you can join and just listen)
* Weekly PvP guild missions Mondays 5pm GMT0 (Might do PvE also if we get more active social members).
* Thursdays 5pm gmt 0 jumping puzzles, for "fun".
* Other activities we come up with we post in our discord server, what link is in motd or you can ask a invite.

What we expect from new recruit?
*Active member that is social, friendly and is a weirdo or doesn't mind bunch of lunatics in the good way.
*Log in at least 3-4 times a week.
*Takes part of guild activities, and just random conversations going on in discord or guild chat.
*Have discord account.

What benefit you get from joining?
*Find friends to have fun together with.
*Feel less lonely in Gw2 hopefully.
*Be part of small community.
*Probably get affected by weirdness if not already.... let you decide if its a benefit or not....

Interested in joining?
Contact me thru methods below. So i can chat with you and make sure you fit our guild and you can also ask questions from me.
Option 1: Contact me, guild leader Amolitha (Athena.4962) in game, thru mail or whisper.
Option 2: Contact me thru my discord account Amolitha#2999 (Faster method since i might be out and use discord in phone, i can let a officer send an invite to guild).


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