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  • Jack Redline.5379Jack Redline.5379 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Ragnar.4257 said:


    All of that said....... condi thief is a joke.

    I agreed with you up until here. Condi Thief is not a joke. Its Meme. It is Meme. Very very dank Meme so dank there is a very good chance it will work. :P

    Also the fact that Meta changes has not been questioned here. The problem is ppl believing that playing off meta is stupid. Even you have said Condi Thief is a joke which meams you dont find it effective even tho you said Meta changes :P

  • Dirame.8521Dirame.8521 Member ✭✭

    @Ragnar.4257 said:
    Success is dependent on both the Player and the Build. A bad player won't be saved by a meta build. A good player who doesn't know how to play a particular class, will still suck with a meta build. A good player with a non-meta build that they know inside-out because they've played 10000 hours on it will destroy regardless of the meta.

    Hmm... This isn't necessarily the case, based on personal experience. For instance say you've been playing a Projectile build for long time and then the meta shifts to having every class carry projectile blocking skills, in team fights you'd be the least effective player because your main source of damage is nullified. So it wouldn't make sense for you to keep playing that build in that meta because if you are less effective in the fights that matter most, team fights.

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