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So I did a simple test with this pet, since somethings not working quite right with it. I sent it to solo a veteran mob, something which took about 2 minutes. The mob had no special skills or boons that should affect the fight in anyway special as far as I could tell.

During this time, my pet managed to pull off only 9 consuming bites, the attack that's supposed to be their auto (with a cast time of 3/4 seconds according to the pet panel). I don't know, but that feels like a very low number of attacks during two minutes of uninterrupted combat?

Also, and this is something I haven't really payed attention to so much before, but the stated damage on the pet panel were far from the real numbers in the combat log, but this is perhaps normal?
According to pet panel, Consuming bite should deal 927 damage + 371 damage per condition afflicting the target.
According to combat log, Consuming bite says it deals 274 damage + 110 damage per condition afflicting the target.
Can anyone share some info regarding this?


  • Where you in a level 80 area?

  • OGDeadHead.8326OGDeadHead.8326 Member ✭✭✭

    @Marcaum.1302 said:
    Where you in a level 80 area?

    Yes, one of the PoF maps

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    It's pure power damage... maybe the mob just had high armor? It was a PoF vet as you say.

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  • OGDeadHead.8326OGDeadHead.8326 Member ✭✭✭

    @Chrury.4627 said:
    It's pure power damage... maybe the mob just had high armor? It was a PoF vet as you say.

    Well, I tried the same mob with the Jacaranda, and the damage done by that pet followed the damage stated on the pet panel much closer.

    Anyway, something is definitely up with this pet. First of all, I think the number of autoattacks are way too few for that timespan, I mean, nine autoattacks during two minutes? Also, as more or less confirmed by Wondrous in the pet dps test, the pet is either severely bugged, or the tooltip is.

    I know what I hope for, but am pretty sure how Anet will handle it (if at all).

  • So, today I noticed they "fixed" it. And by fix, I mean, they removed the cooldown of the bite's tooltip.


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