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Redrawing my old GW2 art

littlemure.7851littlemure.7851 Member
edited October 4, 2017 in Community Creations

I've been redrawing a few old pieces of art lately as a good way to track my progress, and since I've been in the Guild Wars 2 fandom and drawing Guild Wars themed things now for nearly 3 years, that seemed like a good place to start. Here are some of my pieces! They go original drawing first, and then the recent redraw. Thanks for looking!

My ranger, Tieromir:
The original was drawn in September 2015, for a friend's Guild Wars 2 theme tarot project. The redraw was completed in August this year



My elementalist/weaver, Braega:
I drew the original loooong before Path of Fire and the new specialisms were announced (back in November 2016) I just thought it would be cool for an elementalist to bend two elements, and I'd always imagined Brae with a sword. The redraw was completed in September this year

This one I just finished today! I'd originally wanted to capture the threat and hopelessness of just one character (in this case Trahearne bc personal story and all that) sharing a space with an Elder dragon. I wasn't meant to be a final conflict mind, just a terrifying moment. Though I was really pleased with the first version (June 2015) it never really had that feeling I was looking for, I even felt that at the time. I'm glad I was able to get more of that feeling in the newer illustration.