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Blurry pvp maps

golemka.2157golemka.2157 Member ✭✭
edited May 29, 2019 in PVP

skipped a month from playing gw, returned that every map is blurry in pvp. the graphical settings are the same, nvidia control panel setting for the game is the same as well. rendering is still the same, was the same, always using native. was there any update regarding this graphic setting?

before and after screenshot, you can see that the green wall and even the characters aura is blurry, shiny, annoying

edit: havent been out from pvp map since ages, everything is the same blurry, cancer to eye.
edit2: if you choose between the presets, and lower the best appearance to the lowest it keeps this annoying bright texture feature, its solved by turning to the best performance option set to my custom graphic settings. might be a little bug in the system

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