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Achievement panel - Summary - Nearly Completed

Nayaru.4716Nayaru.4716 Member ✭✭
edited May 29, 2019 in Players Helping Players

Is there some hidden setting to hide "nearly completed" achievements if they are for PvP?

I want to be able to track nearly completed achievements but I am a PvE player and because of a little dabbling in PvP over the years to work out if I definitely hate it, several times, (I do in fact consistently hate it however hard I tried) I was left with "Slayer" nearly completed at 1009/1100 kills.

So today I thought I'd shift it. Went to PvP and spent some hours painstakingly killing other players until I got to 1100. I got to 1101 in the match and "Slayer" is STILL the top achievement in "Nearly Completed" because it's considered being at 92% and to make matters worse the second achievement there is now PvP related too. So I'm potentially stuck with this unless I go again into PvP which I didn't even want to do this time.

If there is no option to hide these things, does anyone know of an app or something that I can use API code to track nearly completed achievements?