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Is there a way to make mini map icons bigger without zooming in? (Feature needed?)

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Need to know as it's a bit of an accessibility issue.

UI size small option is fine (ditto chat box, I mostly use Discord anyway) I want to keep it that way so I don't get visual disturbance when focusing on the task at hand but when I zoom out on the mini map so I can see a larger area the icons go so small some of them like the Mistonium icon go so small I can barely see them. I already wear glasses but it's hurting my eyes to see the icons and I need the map zoomed out for material hunting more than ever now I have to regather the materials I used up in Skyscale.

If I missed the option to do that somewhere can someone please tell me where it is?
And if it just isn't a thing:
Devs can we please have the tiniest bit of code just to allow us a settings button on the mini map to let us set the icon size of things please?

I'm getting worried that it's not helping my sight while I'm playing. (Also before anyone asks yes I do take breaks for this reason but it's just getting a bit much regardless.)


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