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Tips to manage salt and toxicity in WvW



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    can handle toxity from enemies, because they're friends. but allies? blocking that kitten. :3 safe space safe space. :persevere:

    Not Even Coverage is the Only broken thing in WVW.

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    @Widmo.3186 said:
    There should be WvW daily for:
    -receiving salty whisps
    -getting siege thrown
    -getting corpse jumped

    I like that :)

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    @Optimator.3589 said:
    Ultimately the best way to manage interpersonal interactions is to grow a thicker skin. Being upset about stuff is a choice. You can choose to be upset and salty, or you can choose to shrug and move on. It's not the place of game developers and publishers to create snowflake-friendly environments that stifle freedom of expression and competitive behavior.

    Best reply in a long time. You just won the internet :)
    I bow to you Sir.

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    100% chance to be right after triggering a rage-whisper

  • Mokk.2397Mokk.2397 Member ✭✭✭

    It won't matter what checks and balances ANET introduces to prevent toxicity in game. Its a fact of life that some people are just simply incapable of acting in a respectful or in a mature way.When you ignore bad behavior and don't let these people get under your skin ,you don't add fuel to bad behavior. They soon move on.Just laugh knowing your a better person.

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    It’s too bad we can’t throw seige blueprints in PvE land.

    Thank You for the {MEME}

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    I just try to be nice. It ain't that hard. Got absolutely steamrolled tonight by some GAL, and it was fine. They showed up in numbers, knew exactly what to do, and surprisingly, didn't choose to fight 60V20, or call for more, etc. They stuck around, went for the the second round, and beat my head into the weeds. It was solid. I even came back to throw a quick salute & cheer, before logging for the night. Considering our group, it was a decent fight, and I couldn't care less that we lost. Didn't cost me a dime.

    People seem to lose their minds, before they realize a possibility to the fact that others may have a better connection, more experience, better gear, bigger groups, better class makeup, etc, etc, etc. Yet, it turns into a pile of hatred - solely based on what is - essentially - jealousy for belonging to a more 'elite' group than everyone else. It's a prime example of the facebook-era, and how association with 'groups' and popularity turns people into the worst version of themselves. Ignore it, and everything will work out in the end.

    Fact o' the matter is, most of it is individual responsibility. It's not about the other team; it's about how YOU react. It's not Anet's fault, or particular responsibility in any way. How you conduct yourself in life is solely up to YOU, and I'd would absolutely love to think that individuals still hold more power over themselves, than these 'groups' ever could. Otherwise, who are you? A sheep?

    Yeah, at some point you'll probly get smashed by a group that's two or three times the size...but it only has to happen once a night. After that, you simply don't engage them! Just do your thing, and it'll be fine! If you're getting tracked or trolled - bail! Screw 'em all - let 60 people take a camp. It's worth a laugh.....AND, it's not the only game on the market, so take a few breaths and go do something fun! Isn't Borderlands 3 coming out soon?

    F---, I'm awful at this game.

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    'Guild Wars Dhuum Ban while streaming' Izzy

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  • The problem is that as long as anet continues to add toxic mechanix to the game mode, it will attract toxic players and non toxic players will turn toxic because of this. dont blame the individual for responding/reacting to what anet has put into the game. This is the fault of anet. theyll delete this comment cuz they dont liek to hear the truth but thats how it is. toxicity breeds toxicity. remove the toxic elements of the game and you can curb this but since anet cant do anything without adding toxic mechanix well yeah......

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    It only gets worse because WvW isn't friendly to any newcomers. 10k rank? Good luck with that. 2k for armor? Not much better. No mount? Enjoy trying to get to your zerg. Rewards are even so bad that people don't even AFK in SMC anymore. Add this all onto the tryhards that complain about losing a tower to 30+ people when 5 friendlies are on the map and its just not fun for anyone trying to experience WvW.