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When the pet's mechanics will be improved?

Dragonzhunter.8506Dragonzhunter.8506 Member ✭✭✭✭

Soon it will be 7 years since this game was released, and we still have a huge problem with pet's mechanics.
Anet, when do you think our pets will:
1. Follow us every time we jump from one edge to another edge of a building, cliff etc? Now if we jump from an edge to another, our pet will run all around till he finds a proper pass. In sPVP on some maps, you must wait your pet 1 sec or more to join you after a leap between to edges (that 1 sec or more could be the difference between life and death)
2. Run just beside us, shoulder to shoulder? Most of the time our pet will run behind us or in front of us or on the left/right side of us on a radius of 150-300. This is one of the worst things for Siamoth (or any Porcine) when it drops the items after F2 (Forage) far away from you. Every time when I am on a point (in sPVP) I must move in such a way so my pet (porcine) comes closer to me. I don't talk about the fighting scenes, but that moment when you taking a point and you are waiting for the enemy to comes to you.
3. The attack/guard active mode of the pet doesn't work properly. Many times pet doesn't attack the enemy who is hitting you. It takes more than 2 sec (maybe more). Even you have your pet on active mode many times you should press F1 to be sure the pet is engaging the enemy. Because of this, many times when you are in combat after you swap second pet, it takes more than 2 sec to engage the enemy or sometimes you must use F1 again to be sure that your pet is not on "park walk" mode. I am not sure 100% but in the past, this thing worked better than now.

I know we still have many pets who must be fixed, sync with our skills/trais etc, but please Anet, let's fix first these basic things.

Thank you,



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