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[NA/OCX]PvX]Xtraordinary Slackers - LF [XTRA] Chill|Social|Silly|LGBTQIA+ Drama-Free FAM! [DISCORD]



  • Apologies if missed a message/DM. But slacker :)

    We are phasing some site stuff out - and adding SLACKER RAID TRAINING every NA Thursday 8pm PST- 100% non-toxic, not min-max and made XTRA awesome. aiming for the PoF Legendary Ring. It's about slacking together, working alone! Be prizes, trivia after every wipe for cupcakes, social fun. May not finish every week as progress; but still also aiming to progress/help with builds/golems/rotations n roles so are minimum checks/reqs.

    ASIDE FROM THAT: our new email: [email protected] or reply here OR DM myself or Tyse The Black.6789 who runs the Raids/events with questions or for Discord APP/INTRO LINK! (required to fill/post). Please browse our OP btw - so there's no misunderstandings; we're still smaller, regrowing, but LGBTQIA+ n silly longtime multi-game community.

    King Isk Redlemur, GM of Xtraordinary Slackers [XTRA]/LXS (GW2, SWTOR) ](https://www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com/ "Xtraordinary Slackers (GW2, SWTOR) ") Recruit thread <-

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    Hi Hi! Duke Tyse and League Relations/recruitment lead here to do a forums bump and to talk about what we do in game currently and that we ARE in fact actively recruiting so please send me a mail or a whisper if you see me online and I can take you through the application process! That being said please review the OP before getting in touch for code of conduct- you're also welcome to follow those links to start an application. When reading this post keep in mind that we are PRIMARILY a social guild- we're not looking for bodies to fill slots in a group but fellow geeks oddballs and weirdos to become members of our little community :)

    Our major in-game growing the guild project right now is raid training. We are very beginner friendly and are working in a few different stages to eventually be able to say that we've cleared all the fights! Step 1 is recruitment as we still have a few open slots in the raid roster. Step 2 is skill building and gearing up done through strike missions, and guild drives so that everyone can have somewhat optimal gear. Step 3 is getting in and hitting some of the easier raid bosses that don't have hard enrage timers so that we can take it easy and everyone gets to play what they want to play and then finally Step 4 will be to run harder fights on which to some extent require that you run a meta build/comp in order to kill the boss before the enrage timer pops. (This may require us to do more guild drives to gear up a raid alt but we will all be in it together and hopefully still having fun!) The focus of our raid training group is always going to be fun>progression and 100% blame free, so if we start to feel miserable wiping over and over we may go back to easier content so that we can end on a high note etc. Our raid time is 8pm PDT on Thursday evenings and with some people working rl and having lives and all that fun stuff we're looking for 14 people who are geared up and have worked on skills together who can commit to 2/4 weeks of attendance in order to start running in raids regularly.

    Our other recurring guild events include:

    • A beginner-friendly Fractal progression is Tuesday nights at 8pm PDT. We have usually been running T3 the past few weeks but would drop down to show new people the ropes if needed.
    • WvW small-group roaming/off-zerg havoc sometimes on Mondays and sometimes on Wednesdays depending on interest. We're on SBI- usually start roaming a little before 8pm PDT. (Some above posts noted SPvP training and while I'm happy to get pulled into an arena to spar and/or to duo queue SPvP is not a recurring scheduled event at this time)
    • Strike Missions Saturdays at 8pm PDT
    • MONTHLY discord fashion contests and guild raffles
  • Hey Future Friends and Members.
    I have been with these Slackers for almost a year now. I joined thinking I would be be just another number or faceless name, but it turns out I was wrong. I consider almost everyone a close friend that I would drop anything I am working on in game to help out or answer their question. I have left all of my other guilds as this is the one and only guild that I want to run with on a nightly basis. There are always fun events such as Fractal and Dungeon Night, Strike Mission Night, and we are working on getting Raid night up and running. We even have a few people that get together on random nights to run around WvW (SBI server). We even have an active Discord and fun monthly raffles.

    We would be happy for anyone to join; New, Returning or anyone that wants friends and family in a guild instead of just being counted as a number. I look forward to meeting all of our new recruits.

  • I'm very interested in becoming part of this

  • Recruitment lead Tyse here again doing a lil bump since we’re always looking for new friends! All of the above posts still apply and are a great way to get a sense of the vibe of our lil community!

    Currently weekly events are as follows:

    Sun: Dungeon Crawl
    Tues: fractals (beginner friendly, progression oriented!)
    Weds: competitive night (currently automated tournaments)
    Thurs: slack raids
    Sat: chill strike missions

    All at 8pm PST :)