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We need it.
We need dodge, kite, calc training and more.

Why dodge?
Cause you get more sustain if you dodge bursts (that aren't instant).

Why kite?
Cause you have more sustain if you don't eat aoes or hits that fokus another teammate, to survive your own better even on fokus and cause you can position yourself new to react faster after a new situation (like to disengage or roam)

Why calc?
Cause you know then your mistakes and cause you will have more options to change a situation in your favor. You can adapt faster on situations by knowing the options of all players and your less under pressure.

Having or being experts and spread the knowledge to players that really want to be professional revive the wish of competition and makes it enjoyable to watch.

Why more?
There are a lot of issues like toxity, mental weaknesses, makromanagement (like camera/ button optimising) and so on.

We don't need dmg/mechanical balances/nerfs, cause players are more unbalanced then the mechanicals behind the game. We unbalance the game on multiple ways!

We need to fix the mental weaknesses like thinking ranked is a competitive gamemode! It has no basis to get the same chances. You have different numbers of games and less then 50% control over all actions at the game (even if you are playing perfect all time, what's even a impossible challenge for our top players atm).

Why this discussion?

  • Cause at all we get worser at ranked and we only have a few top teams for tournaments.
  • A poor community that does itself to less to change something about his situation, while others should tryhard.
  • a big part don't respect others and separate our community.
  • we have a lot of senseless balance discussions about classes, while we don't ask expert's (like our best players that should have the biggest experience about balance).

That and a lot more reasons force us to take responsibility if we want to grew and have enjoyable matches on pvp back, at first time or better then now. Not only that once we see also that one we play.

Ofc im also a part of the community and wish to do more and to support others that see the same issue but also have more options then me.

Thanks for your time, have a great day and matches ;)

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