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help with my ranger build

ive always played a dps when it comes to mmos and im really enjoying the ranger when it comes to builds im not an expert :# what i was hoping for was to use the LB then use dagger+ sword for those of you who are experts when it comes to builds would it be possible for help on what skills should be used and what specializations i should go for and what i can use to max out my dps


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    I'm assuming you're level 80 and have unlocked all the specs. What kind of content do you want this for?

    That combo of weapons works as a power dps oriented build for solo open world content. The sword/dagger combo isn't as popular as the sword/axe combo. Dagger gives you a ok evade (sword already gives you 2 good evades) but axe 4 gives you a knockdown and "Gap closer" (drag a mobile enemy to you) and Axe 5 gives you a missile reflect ability that also can do amazing damage.
    Note: if you haven't experimented with gw2's ground targeting control options, hit F11 and scroll down on the first tab. It makes axe 4 into a normal attack.

    Take a look at the power builds here
    There aren't any that are for sword/dagger but a few have options for sword/axe and others for longbow.

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