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Sword Weaver Rotation

Hi, I'm new to weaver and want to learn a sword DPS rotation for raiding. I found some on websites like Snow Crows but want to understand the rotation vs memorizing it to make it easier for myself. Is there a reason behind the particular rotation and what is it? Even knowing which spells do most DPS would make more sense than memorizing a rotation that seems random. Just wondering if anyone can explain the sword weaver DPS rotation. Thanks


  • Blue.1207Blue.1207 Member ✭✭✭

    You might wanna look at snowcrows again. Not only do they have a written guide in regards to the rotation, but they have a video as well. I recommend knowing your traits, abilities, skills, understand the written rotation, watch their video in .05 speed, then get on the dummy and benchmark yourself.

    If you can do min 20k smashing your head on your keyboard, then you're on the right path.

  • Auburner.6945Auburner.6945 Member ✭✭✭

    As you start the rotation, you fully attune to Air to make use of Elements of Rage's trait bonus. You use Lightning Storm followed by Conjure so you can make use of the Conjure's burst skill and you complete one auto attack chain before dropping it, so that Lightning Storm gets that extra Ferocity bit from Lightning Hammer, that's for whenever you use Lightning Storm, as there is always a Lightning Hammer to follow by.

    Primordial Stance is used just when you're about to fully attune to Fire, so that it applies 2 burning stacks per pulse instead of one. And for Conjure skills, you swap attunements while using the skills, if your timing is perfect, you will be able to make some use of Elemental Polyphony's dual attuning bonus, therefore, extra tiny damage bits.

    What's the point of Fire -> Fire -> Air -> Air - Fire -> Fire -> etc. For Weaver, fully attuning gives you a 10% damage bonus thanks to Elements of Rage trait, so this attunement swap order ensures that the damage modifier has a 100% uptime. Also, Fire and Air hold the most damage and their trait lines are mostly useful when in these 2 attunements.

    In the opener when you fully attuning to Fire, you use skills #5 and #3 first in the BttH rotation, followed by Ring of Fire as you're dual attuned, that is because Ring of Fire has the least damage so it is left for last while still not camping Fire-Fire for too long.

    Finally, skills order is due to cooldowns management so that the rotation doesn't feel awkward.

  • Ok. Will have to try it out some more. Thanks for the explanation.