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Black Lion Salvage Kit problem with "salvage all..." options

Recently realized there's a problem with the Black Lion Salvage Kit if you use a "salvage all..." option.

I was using one to salvage a group of rare weapons and noticed the process kept getting canceled. I used the option a couple more times and it kept canceling after salvaging something. Then I noticed lucent motes were beginning to form a stack and everything made sense:

The Black Lion Salvage Kit canceled the process every time a rare sigil appeared after recovering it from a weapon, what's more the "salvage all..." option will then target the sigil to be salvaged along with the weapons.

That went against my original intention of using the Black Lion Salvage Kit to salvage several rare weapons and keep all of the sigils and believe this to be an unintended consequence of making runes and sigils target-able by salvage kits.

I think it would be appropriate if the Black Lion Salvage Kit simply lose the ability to salvage runes and sigils as there is no good reason to use a Black Lion Salvage Kit to break down runes and sigils to begin with.

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