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Noob Firebrand help

Hello, I haven't played in a long time and want to re-do my builds. I maxed out the Firebrand and want to try that, but I'm not sure how the Tome skills work. Does the fire tome do more damage than my normal weapons (axe/torch)? Like should I be using that as often as possible? For my new gear I'm using the Dire combo is that good for a noob running around the open world? Anything else I should keep in mind? It seems a lot more complicated than what I used to play.


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    For gear, you want to use sinister, grieving or viper (or a combination), with the aim of getting to 100% fire duration with tandem with runes an sigils. You don’t want toughness, but getting to between 13-14k in PvE is ideal in open world. My preferred runes for open world is Balthazar. 175 condi damage + 50% fire duration + ~2k hp.

    In solo PvE, Tomes operate in a similar fashion to regular virtues. They are slower but stronger than regular virtues. There are 15 skills total, so you have to test them yourself to figure out ideal uses. For ideal open world damage, you would not use the tome against 1 regular mob. Through the tome has great aoe capability, so against a group it is terrific. Fighting veterans and stronger, you want to use torch proc and torch 4 then use the tome. You generally want to use the tome between torch CD to maximize damage. Tome skill 5 does massive damage in group settings, but limited damage solo.

    You also, want to maximize condi damage, as much as possible, maximize quickness duration and FB has tools to do so in solo PvE.

    FB is not a straight forward build. It will take you a bit to get used to all the tools. It is one of the best in group PvE and solo.

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    With Dire, your Power is very low, so you'll probably want to maximize the use of ToJ. Renewed Justice trait in Radiance is then mandatory to eliminate ToJ cooldown as much as possible. Usually, you'll go with Radiance/Zeal/Firebrand, although I run more of a hybrid with Radiance/Valor/Firebrand. ToJ#1 may seem weak, but its great for single-targets, like bosses, because it's fast and you can pump a lot of fire onto the target quickly, then switch to a weapon.

    ToR and ToC will be situational, especially where you'll have no Healing Power or Concentration to really make them shine.

    As otto said, you want to maximize burn duration using Smoldering sigils and Balthazar runes.

    Committing fully to condi damage means you maximize that damage, but you are also in trouble when you engage those occasional mobs that are immune to condi or fire. Hybrids (viper, grieving, sinister, celestial, marshal, or combinations thereof) are more flexible, but at the expense of maximal direct or condi damage.

    Finally, one downside to Dire is that high Toughness can make you are target in group events.