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(NA) Looking for active discord PvE guild

Luxbon.3967Luxbon.3967 Member ✭✭
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Hello. I don't have anyone to play the game with so I'm looking for a guild that with complete stuff with me,pve mostly. I play wvw ,but not spvp. What I'm mostly looking for is a friendly guild to make friends with,with an active discord not a dead one please. Just looking for a place to make some new friends and that will do stuff with me. I'm on storm bluff isle for wvw,but its not a deal breaker I can switch for the right friends. Thank you for your time.


  • What time zone you looking for? [BoB] has this (though on maguuma for wvw). But all our events are at 8pm aest

  • Luxbon.3967Luxbon.3967 Member ✭✭

    I'm est. I'm looking for just people to hang out and do stuff throughout the day. Like I said not a dead discord.

  • Luxbon.3967Luxbon.3967 Member ✭✭

    Still looking if anyone has any recommendations.

  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭

    Hey! The guild I'm in might be a good fit. We have an active discord and are constantly doing PvE stuff together. Our name is Memories of Arah (MoA). We are small-medium ish in size but very active. We have a pretty good mix of players, with a core of day-1 vets who have been playing since the gw1 days, returning players who are working on the expansions, and fresh newbies who just started playing recently. We have official guild events every friday and saturday night (10:30, 10pm EST respectively). We don't have a 100% rep requirement or anything, either.
    For WvW, a lot of us are on Borlis Pass and we try to do that together every now and then, but there are a few others on different servers as well. I'm not sure if any are on Storm Bluff Isle, though.
    Let me know if interested :)

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