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PvP Match Results stuck on screen. Can't play

Around 15-20 minutes ago, my duo queu for unranked popped and we accepted. When the map results picked the map, it never left the screen and we never went into the match. Seems I'm stuck with this as it is on all characters. Have attempted relogging. Attached screenshot. My duo-queue friend is also bugged still, his account is SniffyCube.6107


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    https://imgur.com/1jxbyoEForgot screenshot, here it is.

  • Sorry to use imgur for the screenshot.

  • Same thing for me as above mentioned, there was 5 of us in that party receiving the same glitch. Furthermore there has been glitches with the start pvp match bar as well.

  • After almost 4 hours of trying to fix this bug, the only thing that has worked for me was partying up with a friend who was bug free and he started an unranked match. The map selection dial from the his queue reset the my bugged one. I wish the best of luck to anyone who encounters this bug and hopefully this method will work for you too <3 so much stress and anxiety >.<

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    both teams of my last unranked pvp game took several (2to3min's) to load into the game after hitting the loading screen, then several members of my team dc'd right after game started.

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