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Leggy Trinket Stacking

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So hey, i love aurora's effect; im currently making it for a pink/purple themed character.

I don't know if i'll be making the other trinkets ever- but if i do- i will NOT want them to stack on the same character, as the silver aura on the 2x trinket stacking would not suit that character.

So my questions are....
If i make vision and put it on a different character, will i have two characters who recieve aurora's purpley glow effect?
And.... if so, would i be locked out of having the silver effect and the effect for 3x stacking on another character as- to my knowledge- you cannot make multiples of these?


  • You can only make one of each, so if you spread them out you'll get the base Aurora effect on each character. They are all account bound though, so there won't be anything stopping you from swapping them around and stacking all the auras up if you later decide you want to.

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    Ascended and legendary equipment often carry the "Unique" state, meaning only one of these can be equipped on your character at a time. This does not mean you can only make one of these on a character. It simply means you can only equip one of them.

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