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LFG in NA for PvE, WvW, story

Currently in Sorrow's Furnace (willing to change that but want to stay in North American servers). Sometimes casual, sometimes hardcore. Mostly do WvW, metas and world bosses - not big on PvP. I have gotten as far as I could solo and now I need help with my story. I offer max scribe talents, and when I'm online, I can always jump into a mission or activity to help the guild.


  • yawnee.5173yawnee.5173 Member ✭✭

    Hey! We'd love to have you in Memories of Arah (MoA)! We do a lot of PvE content together and also try to do WvW when we can. Most of us are on Borlis Pass, though. Our members consist of a mix of long-time vets, fresh newbies, and returning players, so the range of content we do is pretty wide. We have official guild activities on friday and saturday night (10:30, 10pm EST respectively), which isnt required but is usually a lot of fun. We use discord, dont require 100% rep, and are fairly casual about not kicking anyone out for being inactive. Let me know if interested :)

  • hellsqueen.3045hellsqueen.3045 Member ✭✭✭

    Hey there, we are a pretty social guild on NA that have players that dabble in all aspects of the game.
    We are looking to grow and we have goals of getting enough members to do raiding on our own terms.
    If you want more info about us, you can either check out:

    Founder of Affinitus Nemus [AFNM]
    "Join Us, We're Lonely" - Our Guild At Some Point


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