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May we have a Fix to Gazel ?

Gabrya.6297Gabrya.6297 Member ✭✭

Just as the title say the Gazel Pet actually is bugged the charge attack generally fail to reach the opponent and she is like stuck behind an invisible wall.

We really need a fix because this pet will be unreliable 70% of the time on this charge attack, i tested it several time and she fail a lot of time !

Fellow ranger i invite you to do some test also, to enforce this change and get a quick fix !


  • GaijinGuy.8476GaijinGuy.8476 Member ✭✭✭

    @Euthymias.7984 said:
    Dont expect any fixes unlesss the pet is "over-performing"

    This. It is why we have so many useless pets. If it is doing well, people cry and it get's nerfed. If it is not doing well, Rangers cry and we are ignored.

  • voltaicbore.8012voltaicbore.8012 Member ✭✭✭

    It's not even an invisible wall half the time. I've had my gazelle charge through closed doors in dungeons, get stuck inside objects that normally have collision, etc. Then of course the pet, once it gets past a wall or object it wasn't supposed to, stays stuck there until swap.

    But yeah, not expecting a fix anytime soon.