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Global Mystic Forge event

Ok, so I donated one of each tier of volatile magic. I still have no idea what's going on though. It says I get receipts - these appear nowhere that I can discern. They also have 'values' listed in number, but it doesn't have units, so like the huge receipt is worth 250... 250 what? I'm lost.

I also participated in a world boss event, yet did not receive any drops out of the ordinary. Nothing apparently related to the 'ley energy' to make 'shinies'.

Is there a reason we have to be in the dark about what we're expected to do and why? Or am I the only one who doesn't know what the hell's going on?


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    Mystic Forge event with miller

    • Donate volatile magic and you get receipts which track towards the achievement (see your AP panel under tradesman). The orange bar on the UI fills up as the global community adds more and more. Once complete, a new Mystic Forge recipe will unlock to be discovered.

    Ley energy and bosses

    • Core Tyria bosses will have a mining node dropped by the chest (behemoth sometimes doesn't). That will give an item you use to make shiny and ultra shiny weapons in the forge. The wiki has the full recipes. This lasts until the 25th and then can only be repeated via the raid.

    Neither event are linked to each other

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    Thanks for the info - I'll look for the node. Certainly wasn't obvious where I was.

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    @Biff.5312 said:
    Thanks for the info - I'll look for the node. Certainly wasn't obvious where I was.

    No, because there were probably 50 players all standing on top of it a the same time :disappointed:

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