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Beetle Racing Arena (Stadium)

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So I mentioned this last year before halloween festival in which a Beetle Racing track would be showcased - well it was a flop in my opinion, so i want to bring this up again...

While I realize we have Beetle racing "tracks" around tyria that rarely get used because no one likes to Race themselves solo, again I want to make this suggestion that I believe will be a popular thing among the community.

-Make a New Stadium with a Proper Designed Racecourse for the Beetle (Think Star Wars Episode 1 - the Pod Racing track).
-Have a 1g entry fee, and redistributed to Race winners
-Like PvP mode - this could have different Tiers of skill level, tournaments, and additionally players could bet/gamble on players with some rebate system.
-Design a Beetle Track with Massive Jumps, Loops, Speed Boosts, (If you ever played Sonic Racing or Mario Kart, could add elements of this).

The reason it has not worked so far is
A) Halloween Track was poorly designed (sorry but it just was)
B) Current Beetle Tracks are spread out and remote, not officially designed for Racing and the mount, but just route that have kinda been "Fudged" over existing landscape - It doesnt promote "Meeting up" like a proper designated Race Arena does.

Think of the Moto-Cross Arena tracks in real life, they draw a crowd because they are fun to watch also - This encourages community meetup, participation, as well as incentive for players to get the PoF content to participant in race farming or prestige.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears like it did last year - I mean we got enough mounts already, now it's time to fine tune the mounts and evolve the game into more diverse options - this could be a complete PvP mode addition on its own, it just needs to be done right.


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    I'm in no way against the idea, but it would be a difficult thing to keep long term interest in as activity interest will always die off and to do justice it would need to be instanced (like the abominable Halloween one) and that I think risks hurting the concept. I think it would be great, just not for more than a few weeks.

    I much prefer the open word solution they put in last year. Now, I appreciate some of the courses were a bit iffy, but seeing beetles whizz around open world is pretty immersive to me and keeping new tracks or refreshing the rewards every 6 months or so, should in theory keep things a bit more up to date. It also doesn't require more than one person, any contribution, any payout and so forth. It's you versus others, time or just the landscape. And that's what elevates it.

    But, why stop with beetles? I mean Bloodtide and Frostgorge scream out for skimmer races alone. I'm no fan of Griffon adventures, but there are plenty of spots which could utilise these, such as Lornars Pass.

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    You have already identified the races have lost there popularity, players don't feel inclined to race solo or at all now they have their achievs, bought all the shinnies. How exactly would having another track tucked away somewhere , with an entrance fee for something not altogether that popular in the first place.. just curious.
    If you want to go racing, organise with friends, guilds and either use the tracks provided or build your own within your guild hall, using the track parts from the vendor.
    As for the Halloween track I actually liked that track.. it was more difficult than the baby tracks prior, but that is the point of practice.

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