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Possible peerless infusion adjustment for asura.

BarnacleBoy.6918BarnacleBoy.6918 Member ✭✭
edited June 15, 2019 in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

I am curious if there is a possibility the peerless infusion location on asura can be adjusted. It sits much farther forward on asura vs any other race, as opposed to mostly on center. I realize this is a small QoL problem, but I hope a minor rigging adjustment is possible.



  • The Peerless Infusion appears excessively undersized on my Asura character. On my wife's Sylvari, the Peerless Infusion ball goes from over her head down to her upper thighs. On my Asura, the infusion ball only goes from the neck down to the crotch. I expected the infusion ball to be proportionately smaller with the smaller Asura character, but the size reduction seems excessive and is not proportional to other races.

  • Same here. The Peerless Infusion needs to be sized up a lot on the Asura so that it looks like the infusion on other players.

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