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My first Mesmer - Mirage

Tyrick.9805Tyrick.9805 Member ✭✭

So I started playing not too long ago and I always loved Mesmers but for my first character I instead choosen a Guardian - Dragonhunter.
Mostly because many people told me that Mesmers are kind of an advanced class and harder to play.
But now I finished the PoF story and did some higher level Fractals + WvW, I'm looking forward to learn Mirage.
(I think I'm okay with the base mechanics for combat in general)

So today I leveled up my Mesmer and I started collecting Hero Points to have enough for every Mirage skill. (Still working on it)
But I would like to know some things before I go further.

  • What exotic gear should I buy from the TP if I want to focus on Open World and Fractals?
  • Which runes to use on these pieces?
  • What build should I use?
  • Are we generally useful in WvW?
  • Any other tips and tricks for a new Mesmer player? :D

I did some research before and I could answer these questions, but I want to know if the information I got is up to date and actually accurate.
(Mainly used the Metabattle website, but I've heard mixed opinions about this website)

Thank you in advance!


  • So, ideally you would run trailblazer or Viper for Condi mirage in ow/fractals. Not sure you can buy those off the tp. Viper gives you more upfront damage, trailblazer makes u an immortal God. For runes, you can use the standard Nightmare runes. Personally, I use Tormenting runes. Coupled with trailblazer armor and Viper trinkets and weapons. I can solo pretty much every champion I've encountered so far.
    Vanilla Mirage: Viper/Nightmare runes. Illusions/dueling/mirage.

    Solo OW: Trailblazer/Tormenting runes. Chaos/dueling/mirage.

    (I'm on my phone so I can't see the traits)

    Not sure about WvW but in sPvp power mirage wrecks news. Condi would be better built as bunker I'd wager.

    Tips: the spec can be a bit overwhelming at first, specially if you aren't already used to mesmers in general. Take it easy and don't try to get it all at once.

  • Wahlao.1069Wahlao.1069 Member ✭✭

    You may want to visit the post on 'Open World Domination: Mirage' in this forum.
    There's a budget build of all Dire exotic stuff you can start buying from TP posted by

    @AliamRationem.5172 said:

    However, I also came up with a variant designed specifically to be inexpensive, more forgiving, and easy to play. This build even proved to be stronger in scenarios where you are swarmed with smaller enemies - just the sort of thing you find all over the expansion maps and storylines!

    Basically, the second build is a lot tankier with tons of armor, more health, and extremely high condition damage. However, it works best when you have enemies to kill because killing an enemy will refill endurance and grant a large boost to condition damage. It also cost me less than 20g to outfit this entire build in full exotic! That's a lot more accessible than the Viper set I use with my build!

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