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dtox.8397dtox.8397 Member ✭✭

So... It has been a month since im back to GW2, and now its PvP Season. I wanted to play as a warrior (Ive never been the best at it, i admit it) and i lost 3 in a row. I felt i was doing my thing, i was killing dealing damage, winning 1v1's, but in team fights two thing would happen: I wouldnt be able to kill cuz of support on the other team, or i'd die to condi dmg after not being able to cleanse it any longer.
So i decided to change to my FireBrand (another class that ive never been good at, far from being my main class). I started to win everything, and even the matches I lost I could feel I was doing so much! Then realised its cuz it usually lack support on the team, and when there is its game changing.

Maybe we should be able to queue by Role, that way we would always have a balanced team. Even rewarding players for playing support when there's lacking.

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