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Lost progress

Good evening folks.
Last Monday I was raiding W1 when, after clearing Vale Guardian, the game crashed. It did for all the squad, some of them didn't reconnect and the raid instance was blocked by some server error. We all quit the squad and started anew. So, the rest of us went back to the W1 and while we are trying to look for more people I noticed that the Assaulter's Sparking Dagger that droped earlier wasn't on my inventory. Then, I check my Legendary Insights only to find them equal prior to the fight. I asked the other raid members if their LI's changed but they said no.
I submitted a ticket in-game to support and sent an email to the GM support. They told me that the account didn't rollback and to post the situation here.
I checked my Discord bot the day after the server crash and, indeed, Vale Guardian is marked as not done this week, while I have an whole squad to prove I was there. I really don't mind doing the boss again, but losing the Assaulter's Sparking Dagger is a bit lame.