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[NA] [ME] Madness Extreme [PvX] [MAG] Recruiting any

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We are Madness Extreme a New PvX Guild active in many game modes mostly Fractals and Raids, we have a friendly envirement but joke around from time to time.

a few things about us:
- We are a new but growing guild we started up a month ago and dont have max guild level yet.
- We have raids and fractal runs going on every day.
- If you want to get started with raids and/or fractals we can teach you .
- We have guild missions scheduled.
- We are not always active in WvW but we do want to branch out we are located on maguuma.
- No rep required.
- We do use discord.

We look for new/veteran players that like to joke around and to have fun with.

- We are also looking for Officers
- We do have Scheduled Raid / Training Raid Nights
- Are setting up a Raid Static

Guilded Page:
Discord link is in the About Page on Guilded

If you are Interested you can mail or whisper one of the following in game,



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