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Salvage all rares and Shiny Weapons

I've unlocked all five shiny weapon skins a couple of days ago. Today I decided to make my first Ultra Shiny weapon; only to find out that I no longer posses any of the rare Shiny weapons because they got auto salvaged when I used the "salvage all rares". Why does even make ingredients that are included on the "salvage all rares" function?


  • yes I have the same problem here, its frustrating because it is a time limited event :/

  • Ramontique.9852Ramontique.9852 Member ✭✭
    edited June 17, 2019

    I don't understand how they can miss something like this after six to seven years. Rares are absolutely useless in this game besides a source of ectoplasm. They should understand by now that all we do is use that salvage all rares option. This is literally the first time since release of the game that I don't want to salvage a rare item that I don't currently have equipped. No way on Tyria that I'm grinding that many hours again on world bosses for another set of the same skin that I already have unlocked.

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