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can I obtain the 10 keys required for the Griffon Mount (SPOILERS)

on a character other than the one I did all the legwork leading up to obtaining the Griffon ? I used a Mesmer and he's just to squishy and decided to take the Griffon Roost Icon with me on another character and am now vying for the 10 keys needed. The Problem Im noticing is that it is taking an inordinately long amount of time to kill each Elite Boss for even the first key. I've spent an hour so far just trying to kill one (1 of 10) Elite Bosses. Is this because Im using the wrong character. Many Thanks,
Conrad :)


  • also, is it possible for a group of players to do the key quest in a group ? Thanks Again for the wonderful game !

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    There are a bunch of different elites with different buffs. They respawn so if you have a problem with a particular buff just skip that one and kill the others multiple times. I remember of the aatxe healing for a huge chunk at one point when I was fighting it although it had the flash freeze buff.

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    If you're having difficulty killing the elites to obtain the keys then you can have your friends or other players join you in that instance and help you get the kill!

    Just shoot out an LFG for that map, I was lucky enough running into somebody at the location who was also hunting down the keys.

    If you're in NA server, shoot me a whisper if I'm online. I'd be happy to help you out with that!

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    the majority of theses elites on that quest are weak to any condi build, theyre almost no condi cleanses and are melee. I just swapped my power warrior for a berserker condi, and gone fine.

    just make a "provisional" condi build for your alt, preferably that attack at distance.

    main pvp: Khel the Undead(power reaper).

  • Make a party, look in lfg...I always see people with griffon up, or just kill minotaur exit/reenter/repeat. Minotaur is easy and is right at entrance.

  • FYI there are four unique elite encounters (spread out over 10 bosses) and they reset. So if it happens you find one boss that's easier for you, you can farm it for 10 keys (and/or circle around to find its duplicates). LFG is probably faster, though.

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    I decided to play PoF on a new character and new class first, so I did the Griffon collection not knowing anything about the class or the spec, whenever I died to a bunch of mobs I did the classic guild wars 2 strategy for completing random things: advertised party content. Like the other people said, there's always people doing the same collections as you, even more now that this xpac is still fresh, so advertise a party away on lfg, ask help from friends, guildies, people you see you and people will help you, you don't need to change the build or character to complete the collection. There's also what Khisanth.2948 said, camping an elite helps, you just need to be patient.

    As to your question about changing the characters I would imagine once you unlock the collection you would be able to complete it with any character, but this instance with the elites unlocks with the story so I don't know if your other character that didn't complete the story would have access to the portal without completing the story first.

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    Best tips I can give:

    • You can bring a friend!
    • Elites will respawn. Kill the ones you can, get their keys, then do it again.

    Many alts! Handle it!

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