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[NA][PVE] World Famous in NZ - New Zealand Guild Recruiting

World Famous in [NZ] is a NZ based guild looking to create a close knit friendly guild of people from NZ (or people who play around NZ evening time)

We’ve got a level 41 Guild Hall, Discord channel and no rep required.

Our aim is to be a casual guild that brings fellow kiwi’s together, and have a fun supporting environment for players of all levels.

We currently have scheduled Guild Missions every Monday starting from 8:30pm and Raids every Thursday from 7:00pm (all times are GMT+12)


Q: Does it matter what server I'm on?

A: No, we are not a WvW guild so as long as you're not on an EU server anything is fine

Q: What requirements do you have for raids?

A: We accept beginners as well as experienced and anything in between. We do have a minimum gear requirement of at least exotic armor, weapons and trinkets with the right stats. Overall you just need bring a positive attitude and be willing to learn and improve.

Q: Do you have fractal or dungeon groups?

A: There are no scheduled groups but we have many helpful members who can lend a hand.

Message mesperyian.7809 in-game for invite =)


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