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Computer crashes and now i have 11 min of dishonor? God honest mistake.


  • @Eddbopkins.2630 said:
    Computer crashes and now i have 11 min of dishonor? God honest mistake.

    ANet has no way of knowing whether your computer crashed or someone pulled the plug to /ragequit.

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  • Better some people get dishonor for hardware issues than leave any room for people who want to ragequit to do so punishment free.

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  • Eurantien.4632Eurantien.4632 Member ✭✭✭

    I bet more people crash and get dishonor than there are people who rage quit. I also bet that more people rage quit, stay, and grief than rage quit and disconnect. Why? Because they avoid dishonor and get their SICK satisfaction from ruining the gaming.

    If the above is true, Dishonor is being used ineffectively. Players should not get Dishonor for leaving a match or for missing a queue pop. Instead players should have the ability to vote for dishonor: If someone rage quits it's often more obvious than someone who DCs, players can vote for that Dishonor. If someone DCs and gets dishonor, well you're already getting dishonor with this system. Player stays and griefs which is all too common, with this system they get no punishments, players voting means they could.

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    I am happy there is a dishoner. It’s the idol players I hate who brake after a wipe and afk instead of changing their play style to counter problems where looseing

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