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Hungry Cat Scavenger Hunt Holographic Kitten/API issue

I have the holographic kitten that you purchase from Holomancer Netto in Rata Sum in my home instance. However,, the GW2 wiki, and all show that I am missing the holographic kitten when I plug in my API key. When I go back to Holomancer Netto, I do not have the option to buy the kitten, and I do remember purchasing it back when it was first added to the game. I have tried creating a new API key to see if it was just something with mine, but I got the same results with it.

Since all 3 web sites are showing the same results, I suspect there is either an issue with my account or with the API.


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    edited June 22, 2019

    I think it's the API, as GW2efficiency never shows my regular Dailies or say, Living World Season 4 map Dailies done.
    Just checked the Wiki for my Holographic Cat, and it doesn't show there for me, either.

  • I concur - the API seems to be busted. I am staring at my Holographic Kitten even though the API says I don't have it.

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    There's a thread in the API sub-forum with a Dev post stating they are aware and working on it, seems it's from some time ago.