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5 main reasons why PvP died/ everyone quit



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    Cuz city of heroes is alive again? not only does it beat gw2 in fun factor,customization and build diversity it also receives more frequent updates it feels like lol

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    @DoomNexus.5324 said:

    @Wolfey.3407 said:

    @DoomNexus.5324 said:
    Quite a few people are criticising the lack of goal or reward they can grind for.
    For me this is so nonsensical I don't even know where to start. If your only motivation to play a certain game mode is purely because you want that juicy loot at the end of the journey, please just leave the game mode and do something else.

    "Agree with what I have to say or gtfo"
    So make the player base smaller and make it so everyone only shares your view.

    No I'm not saying new rewards and stuff are a bad idea per se, but if people only play the game to get the reward at the end I honestly don't know why to even start playing the game mode in the first place.
    This is a very common problem especially in games like Call of Duty or Battlefield (at least in my experience). There are tons of ppl who only play the game (after a certain point where - apparently - it's not enjoyable anymore I dunno) until they've unlocked everything. Why even bother spending time playing a game (mode) which you don't enjoy playing for the sake of gameplay, just so you unlock things you'll never use because you leave the game afterwards?
    Sure, in GW2 you can also use/show rewards and titles and stuff elsewhere but still. I don't see the point.
    This is just a thing I'll never understand but on the other hand ofc I don't have to understand everything and everybody and it's not my business, so if this is what makes them happy, they should go for it. But where it starts to be my business is when ppl demand for new rewards which requires resources which - in my opinion - could be better spent somewhere else.

    Maybe I'm completely wrong here but I'd even argue that such people are not a healthy part of the competitive community, so the "make the player base smaller"-argument isn't really valid in my opinion. Let me explain:
    If your only interest is to get that shiny legendary backpiece and nothing else, would you even bother tryharding in a match if it's not an easy win or just afk in the base, wait until it's over and try your luck in the next match? Or if your only interest is to get that new title/gizmo and abandon the game mode until something new is released, would you really try to get it all by yourself, probably failing season after season just to get it at the 4th try (like.. 4th season ending which is approx. 1 year - or maybe even not at all) or would you rather just wintrade for a weekend towards the end of a season and get it like the next week.
    Since wintrading (especially during ~the last week before a season ends) and afk-ing is already a HUGE problem in sPvP and the gw2 community isn't really known for its patience when it comes to getting into new content once it's been released (like.. a lot of the players want everything just handed over to them with 0 effort, let's be honest here), I'd bet a not-so-neglectable portion of the playerbase would in both cases described above pick the second, easy option.

    Again. I don't say titles and rewards are bad, ofc I also enjoy something to display when I have accomplished something or when I'm getting some value out of it, but then again there are just too many issues that have to be fixed first urgently.

    Thank you for clarifying for your points :D I agree with a lot of what you have to say. Just wanted to make sure you weren't going to the far extreme of "kitten rewards, PvP should be mindless play only"

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    All you need to do is do what I do.
    Get high.
    When u baked pvp is next level fun. Fights feel like the matrix. U never salty on a loss. And u more open to chat and have a laugh. Makes u allot of friends. Also makes u more dareing and with it with map awareness and team awareness.

    • I just /w top players and ask for them to carry me and 9times out of ten if u seem like a nice guy they accept lmao.
  • I'm just so done with it. Last straw was the Steal nerf. I'll hop on for maybe 20 minutes every several weeks and remember why I quit. It's dead, I don't see too many people in the lobby anymore, balance has continued to be a joke and all the attention is consistently given to the PvE community. Oh well, that's the life of most games with PvP. Why am I here right now you ask? To see if it has improved at all or if my frustrations are still valid, which seems to be the case. Loved this game.

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    (quite interesting discussions)
    TeaTime : Why Develop Hardcore Content?

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    Lack of decent skill/class concept design for starting....

    Anet copies the skilldesign of DIablo, cleave and aoe every second, well diablo does not have pvp(well the room is there but it is empty....) for 2 reasons.. due how bad that aoe'ish spammy skillsystem works and the decrepancy between players lvl and their tiers, altough its work wonderfully for PVE.. PVE!!!!

    Anet still decided to copy spammy bad gameplay... looks flashy but wont work on a game with pvp and hwo bad Anet does its iteration process towards its gameplay really ended with a mess of a balance thats based on gimmick situation rather than player capacity to think and see whats best to use... they addded scourges and few others aoe spam gameplay classes when the game was already saturated with AOE, that didnt help and made combat even uglier, more low effort builds apeared and gameplay started to be more towards gimmicks than actually player side skill.

    Its still aprety game, but that's that... u are in search of a decent pvp mmo should not be playing gw2, unless its a super casual player that doesnt care much about it and just play for fun/troll.

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