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[EU][Casual]League of Equity [EQ] invites you in the Pack!

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Guild Name: League of Equity
Guild Type: Casual

League of Equity [EQ] is an open / No REP guild created to provide a place where anybody can gather up with other players who love Dungeons and other GW2 Contents where sometimes it may be not possible to find a group to play with ;)


We’re looking for friendly Guild Wars 2 lovers who are willing to share our favourite game, building up our group in order to have fun in Dungeons and our Guild’s Campaigns !

What are the Campaigns?
In Equity, Campaigns are game objectives in Guild Wars 2 that will be chosen by Admins according to everyone's needs, obviously trying to please as many people as possible in the fairest way possible. They can be collections, achievements and various feats. In general, you will always tend to prioritize those Campaigns that as rewards (and as a source of fun of course) are useful to as many players as possible. The Chosen Campaign will be the one on which the entire Guild will focus most Resources and Time, until its completion, in the most collaborative way possible in pure GW2 style ;)

Guild Structure
Two simple ranks:

  • Pack Alpha
  • Pack Member
    …and we walk as one.

Order of the Equity wants to provide any Guild Wars 2 player, Veteran and Newcomer alike, the best environment where you can share and have a lot of fun with every other GW2 lover, builduing your Character’s Look, Story and Legend! Oh, and anyone can invite other friends and comrades! 😉


“Walk with the Pack”.


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