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Dragon Bash review

I was very anxious waiting for the "Dragon Bash" event in Guild Wars 2, but when it arrived, my animation dropped to 0. How can you put a huge difficulty in acquiring items? How can you put the acquisition of "Piece of Zhaitaffy" limited by day? How do you put the value of some skins for 25 thousand-100 thousand items? Is that serious? I did not even understand what the proposal of this event was. I was annoyed by all this, I hope it does not change the "Festival of the Four Winds". Thank you and goodbye! :/


  • Ceriph.3518Ceriph.3518 Member ✭✭

    Yea its pretty sad to see ANET keep doing this and learning from their mistake when its too late. You can only open about 35 pinatas a day per account, do about 15 waves of Arena (survival and normal share this limitation), and about 4 stampedes a day per account. So youre SUPER limited too how much zhaitaffy you can earn per day. Unlike you know, Wintersday, Halloween, and SAB....which by the way have actual rewards to buy AND rewards locked in achievements. Over all nostalgia was great, delivery was poor. Very little to grind or work on once you've finished the AP (which by teh way I love how much you can get...but next year itll be drastically lower so meh).

  • Blocki.4931Blocki.4931 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Where is the "huge difficulty" ?

    Considering each of the daily achieves give you 100 zhaitaffy & they are able to be traded on the TP I see absolutely 0 issues with this. Long term rewards need to exist for the health of absolutely everything in an MMO. If you're upset you can't get 100% day 1 then that's your problem. I've played a couple of hours and didn't feel limited at all. What about that limit? I did around 40 rounds of the survival mode and still got rewards at the end? Did I just imagine that?

  • lummuss.6850lummuss.6850 Member ✭✭
    edited June 26, 2019

    it seems they made the event for players to participate frequently (every day of the event) and from what I learned, you can only get 1000 pieces of zhaitaffy per day (except those that drop in the coffers). If you reflect on this, there is no logic in doing this event, let's look at some items:
    1 transmutation = 1000 pieces of zhaitaffy (this is easy to get in WvW).
    1 Holografic Wings skin = 100000 pieces of zhaitaffy (this is costing on average 70 golds in the trading company. 100000 pieces of zhaitaffy cost 70 golds only ???)
    50 PoF season 4 ores = 1000 pieces of zhaitaffy (This drops easy on PoF season 4 maps
    and so the disappointments continue ...
    and remembering that not everyone has time to play every day