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[NA][PvE][LFG] LF fotm and raiding guild without 100% rep requirement

haventr.1630haventr.1630 Member ✭✭
edited October 6, 2017 in Looking For Guild

Hey, I'm a Condition Renegade main who is looking for a guild that does fotm tier 4's daily and 99 + 100 challenge motes. I am very experienced with fotm as it's the main thing I do, but still need to work on the 100 challenge mote. I am semi-experienced in wings 1-3, with 41 Insights under my belt, but I am not very experienced with Xera or wing 4. I can also play tempest but I'm not nearly as good with it as I am with Renegade. I am usually on from monday's-thursdays but work weekends. Would prefer a U.S. East guild so I am not forced to stay up late.

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