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[NA] Returning Raider LF Static

Ewon.5903Ewon.5903 Member ✭✭
edited June 28, 2019 in Looking for Group

After getting all 3 sets of legendary armor, I ended up taking a break from raiding after wing 4. I'm now looking to get back into raiding, and would like to learn wings 5-7, which I have no experience with. (I may also need to update on some current strats in 1-4). I spent 95% of my time raiding in pug groups, which I've lost interest in doing. I'd like to enjoy the company of a static a lot more.

Past Exp:
I primarily played the following builds:

  • Power Tempest (Staff + Sc/Wh)
  • Condi BS
  • Condi SoulBeast (D/T SB)
  • Power DD (Staff)
  • Condi Zerker DPS

Currently Condi BS, Condi DPS Zerker, and Condi SoulBeast would be my go to classes, but I'll be looking to add more.

I've Acquired:

  • All 3 Sets of Legendary Armor
  • 302 Extra LI after the leg sets (1052 LI Total)
  • "The Eternal" title (although, who doesn't?)

What I'm Looking For:
I'm looking for a friendly, non-hardcore, static that I can learn and have fun with. I'm not looking to do speed runs, low mans, or sell raids. I'm still looking for a group that can competently clear older content though.

I'd mainly like to learn and start clearing the newer wings 5-7, but I'll join for the older content too. Wing 4 CMs I haven't done, so that would be a bonus. Same goes for 2 wing 3 achievements.

I'm open to seeing what time zones people are running to see if I can make any work for me.