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Please help me im having trouble in open world pve PoF and HoT

Terek.8923Terek.8923 Member
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Hey guys my first toon in this game was Elementalist way back at launch but i havent played it in 3-4 years, mostly been playing soulbeast and reaper.
i have been having trouble in the pof and hot maps where i have no problem running pure zerk on the other 2 classes if i run zerk on the weaver i only have 11k hp and the damage isnt that amazing either.
i switched to marauder gear yeasterday and now i dont die so fast but the damage i put out is meh, i was wondering if condi weaver is better than power currently?

pls help me T_T


  • Ayrilana.1396Ayrilana.1396 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I do berserkers just fine. With the expansion maps, you need to pay more attention to your positioning, use active defenses, and look for any enemy mechanics to make things easier such as always breaking the defiance bar on djinn.

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    If you're just starting/getting back to play Elementalist then I would go for Tempest first, it's safer, easier, and it's the better choice even if you know both e-specs by heart.

    There is a single build for it as a solo DPS but the main-hand weapon differs; scepter deals higher damage but is meh to play with personally while dagger is the opposite. Both use Warhorn as off-hand though because it's just too good for solo purposes that you not pick it.

    A. The build would be something like this:


    • Arcane; 2-3-X
    • Air; 1-2-2, this is the pivotal line because of Fresh Air
    • Tempest; X-3-X

    Weapons & Stats:

    • Dagger is more fun imo, but it's less damage
    • Scepter is the opposite
    • Stats are mainly Berserkers, but you can add in some Marauder if needed.

    If you're sure enough of your level again then you may drop Arcane for Fire (1-1-1), but it's not much of a damage loss to be honest as most of it comes from constantly attuning to Air to make use of Air Overload thanks to Fresh Air.

    B. If you really want to play Weaver:


    • Arcane; 2-3-X
    • Fire; 1-1-1
    • Weaver X-2-1, X can be either 1 for damage or 3 for HP

    You can drop Arcane for Air (1-2-2/3) if you feel confident enough to let go of sustain for more damage.


    • Sword is just too good to not pick
    • Off-hand could be either dagger for damage or focus for defense
    • Stats are same as Tempest

    I would recommend Fire Signet and Glyph of Storms as a must when solo to ensure critical hits and stay safe as of the 10s pulsing Blind. The last utility slot is optional but Arcane Shield is good for both defense, and burst damage if exploded. Elite could be the Fiery Greatsword, but the Elemental is good as an AI to tank for you (always use when in earth, earth elemental is tanky).

    It may take you a while to get used to Weaver specifically because you have to think of what you had on main-hand and what will it be on the off-hand and what's the dual-attack product when mixing attunements, all while reading your foe's movement to know how to utilize this past-future gameplay. However, once you learn Weaver, you can go 1vX, or solo any Hero Point to an extent (some are really hard/timed).

    Finally, Elementalist is all about avoiding damage as much as possible because it has both lowest HP and Armor, so every taken hit counts. Try making use of your soft/hard CC and combo fields to get a hold on your enemies. The class relies on active defense most of the time, so it's harder to get used to.

    Regarding Condition Weaver, it's not better as in damage because it's heavily boon reliant, and it's of the hardest specs in the game for nothing that's worth it, but it's tankier by a lot than a Power Weaver. You may though try Burn Tempest - good damage and nice boons uptime.

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  • thanks for the pointers guys ^_^
    i kinda feel though like they need to buff the damage of the weaver/tempest abit seeing how the damage rotations are so much more complex you should be putting out way higher numbers.
    i heard they nerfed the weaver after pof came out? someone said it was doing 50k dps back then now its 35k which is like equal to reaper but reaper is so easy lol.

  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Ele is the weakest class in solo PvE. There is not much to do about that. Though, all content is fully viable. I use the trait that adds HP in weaver and a 1-2 pieces of HP (about 14k HP).

  • Also make sure to blast those fire fields for might since the passive might isn’t that great for Ele. Making the dmg way better.

  • Jski.6180Jski.6180 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Go bunker and simply out last the mobs or go full glass and kill them before they can get to you. The only way ele work in pve is to cheez a fight.

    See ELE forms and you will get my views.

  • ROMANG.1903ROMANG.1903 Member ✭✭✭

    @Terek.8923 said:
    Hey guys my first toon in this game was Elementalist way back at launch but i havent played it in 3-4 years, mostly been playing soulbeast and reaper.
    i have been having trouble in the pof and hot maps where i have no problem running pure zerk on the other 2 classes if i run zerk on the weaver i only have 11k hp and the damage isnt that amazing either.
    i switched to marauder gear yeasterday and now i dont die so fast but the damage i put out is meh, i was wondering if condi weaver is better than power currently?

    pls help me T_T

    I play full zerk weaver in PvE. Picking Master's Fortitude changed my life. I also recomment you pick at least one defensive utility skill, I personally use Twist of Fate.

  • Blood Red Arachnid.2493Blood Red Arachnid.2493 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    You'll want to avoid condi on ele. The ramp up makes it harder to play than pure power. The weaver has a high learning curve, but once you get the hang of it the weaver can be incredibly powerful. As a seasoned elementalist (and apparently a really good one), here is my advice:

    (1) For PVE, go full berserker. The reason for this is simple: If you want more defense, you can always pick traits and utilities that give you more defense. Berserker is there if you want to go for maximum power, so you'll always have the option there.

    (2) Glyph of Storms is really useful. If you're in Earth attunement (or in weaver, if your main-hand is attuned to earth), it casts Sandstorm. Sandstorm is a pulsing blind field that renders anything without a defiance bar helpless. It doesn't last very long, but since you're wearing Berserker you can murder everything pretty darn quick. If you don't need or can't use blinds, use Firestorm against a small enemy, and Lightning Storm against a large one.

    (3) For sword weaver, Fresh Air from the Air Specialization is a must. This allows you to always tune to air when you need to. Air has good offensive power, but this also lets you access the off-hand skills of any element you want by quickly going element -> Air.

    (4) Master's Fortitude really helps. Superior Elements is higher DPS... in large groups only. By yourself it's pretty terrible.

    (5) Your remaining two utilities can be whatever you want. Maximum AoE damage is Arcane Wave and Primordial Stance. Maximum Defense is Arcane Shield and Stone Resonance. Personally I like to run Arcane Shield + Primordial Stance. The raid build has you using Lightning Hammer, but aside from raid bosses and world bosses it isn't that good.

    (6) The elements you are sitting in depends on what kind of fight you're expecting. If you're going against groups of small enemies, you'll want to sit in Earth + Fire. Then, when the fight starts, you'll want to use these skills in order:

    Sandstorm. This blinds enemies. Be sure to stand in it as the enemies come to you.
    Lava Skin. This does damage, but also gives you about 3k barrier to eat up attacks.
    Ring of Fire. If you have Arcane Wave equipped, use it in the ring of fire to give yourself might and fury. Just spam both of them.
    Fire Grab. This just does a lot of damage.
    Earthen Vortex. This is a dodge that also does damage, but it is also another blast finisher. It is here that you'll want to swap to fire.
    Flame Uprising: This is a leap that does a lot of damage, and creates another pulsing fire field.
    Earthquake: this is an AoE Knockdown, and also another blast finisher.
    Churning Earth: This is the last blast finisher of this rotation. Also, it is a pretty big AoE hit.
    Continue auto attacking in fire until you can double-attune to fire. Then, it is just the DPS rotation as normal. Use Primordial Stance whenever.

    If you do all of this right, you should have a lot of fury, 15 stacks of might, and the enemies around you will have been rigorously murdered. Probably several times over. Seriously, this rotation does so much damage that, unless the enemies surrounding you are upscaled, they'll all be dead before this finishes. If they are upscaled, doing this rotation will seriously mess them up. First, you'll have given might and fury to all of your teammates. Second, the enemies will all be blinded, stunned, and crippled while you dodge and gain barrier. If this is all hard to remember, just remember the button presses:

    Sandstorm -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 2 -> F1 (attune to fire) -> 2 -> 4 -> 5. Basically, start with 3 and use your weapon skills from left to right.

    (7) Contrary to popular belief, the Weaver actually has excellent CC. The CC is so good you can solo a Legendary Wyvern's break bar. However, you have to know how to use it. So, when the defiance bar turns blue and you need to break it, do this.

    First, attune to Earth, then immediately attune to air (Fresh Air lets you do this). This gives you access to a lot of CC skills at once. Because Gale Strike has a long wind up, to maximize CC you'll want to do the skills in this order:

    Gale Strike -> Polaric Leap -> Earthquake -> Double Attune to air -> Updraft.

    The numbers are: F4 -> F3 -> 3 -> 2 -> 4 -> F3 -> 5

    Basically left to right, except start with Gale Strike. You might notice that this is similar to the rotation above where you fight a group of small enemies, where you start with 3 and then go from left to right with your weapon skills. That... is not a coincidence. A lot of the weaver rotations look complicated at first, but they're basically just "use weapon skills from left to right."

    (8) If you're fighting a single enemy, you'll want to start out while double attuned to Air. Then, use this rotation for maximum single target damage:

    Quantum Strike (Attune to Fire while casting)
    Flame Uprising
    Pyro Vortex
    Ride the Lightning
    Firestorm from Glyph of Storms
    Auto attack in Fire until Fire Attunement is up. If Fiery Greatsword is off cooldown, you can drop it here and use FGS 4 -> FGS 5 instead.
    Primordial Stance
    Cauterizing Strike
    Ring of Fire
    Fire Grab
    Flame Uprising (Attune to Water)
    Twin Strike (mash air attunement while using Twin Strike to Double Attune to Air)

    Again, in numbers it looks like this

    3 -> F1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> Firestorm -> Spam 1 until F1 is off cooldown-> Primordial Stance -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 2 (F2 to attune to water) -> 3 (mash F3 to double attune to air)

    Again, it is basically "start with 3, then go left to right on weapon skills." Now, this rotation doesn't give as much fury or might, and it doesn't blind enemies to disable them. But, when it comes to sheer damage, it is one of the highest in the game. Also, this rotation inflicts a lot more vulnerability, and it does damage very fast. Most enemies won't survive past Quantum Strike. Only elites and special veteran mobs have enough fortitude to even survive a full rotation.

    Also keep in mind the size of the enemy. If they're big, open with Lightning Storm. This will cap the enemy at 25 stacks of vulnerability, and it will also inflict a lot of damage.

    (9) It is important to remember where your defensive skills are. As you go through the elements, they switch on and off, depending on where you are attuned. The important ones to note are here:

    Water 2: This is a dodge. Use it to evade a big hit or lethal damage.
    Water 5: This is a small heal, but more importantly it is a condi cleanse.
    Earth 2: This is also a dodge.
    Air 5: This is your third weapon dodge.

    If you need to avoid a big hit, attune to water or earth and use skill 2, or you can double-attune to air and use skill 5.

    (10) There are a few other useful utilities. A lot of them are pretty situational, though:

    Arcane Blast: In a group that buffs you and against a single target, this is the highest DPS utility you can pick aside from Primordial Stance.
    Cleansing Fire: This is a condi cleanse
    Mist Form: This is a long-duration invulnerability skill. Sometimes, Arcane Shield won't cut it, so use this if you REALLY need to avoid a dangerous attack.
    Lightning Flash: Basic teleportation skill. If you need to move around quickly, this is useful.
    Conjure Frost Bow: This one is similar to lightning hammer, except you can safely use it at range. Use Frost Storm instead of Invoke Lightning
    Signet of Fire: This is a weird one. If you're in a low level zone, the bonuses from these signets become really significant.
    Tornado: Sometimes the enemy break bar is comically difficult to break. This elite skill is good for doing that. The situations where you'll need tornado are rare, though.
    Twist of Fate: This weaver only skill is another two evades. Generally I don't use it, because usually Arcane Shield or Stone Resonance is enough, but some players swear by it.

    (11) It is a lot easier to learn Tempest. The tempest DPS rotation, while a lot weaker, is also much easier to use. It goes like this:

    Air Overload
    Swap to another element
    Use one or two DPS skills in that element to activate Fresh Air
    Swap to Air
    Auto attack with Dagger
    Air Overload

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