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Screenshot / Fan Art Instagram and Facebook Project

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Hello Everyone :)

I want to share with you our creative project we are working on for a few months now.
We created an Instagram Page to gather all enthusiasts about Screenshots and Fan arts Gw2-related.
This project aims to create a community that shares our same thing about fashionwars and screenshots.
As you know, this game offers us amazing landscapes to look at, so we organize weekly meetings in game (even more than once a week) to meet and do some screen-sessions all together.
We are also working hard to let people get in touch with more and more players, to know each other and also meet with the most well-known players in our community.
We organize meetings with guilds, streamers and hard-core gamers 'cause they love this game same way we do. We host contests on Instagram with Gems prizes too. <3
You can find all the entries and winners on our page (link below)
Let us know if you'd love to join us and have fun together :3

Here is our Instagram Page link:

Picture: QPZrv7M