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Discord Integration?

edited July 5, 2019 in API Development

Would there be any chance of being able to link a Discord Bot to a chat overlay through the use of API keys? I need to be able to hyperlink a Discord Server Invite link through chat and maybe even use links to allow players to instantly join a voice channel temporarily. Is this at all possible? Or would it require high fidelity fenagling?


  • You can't copy chat messages, but you can copy squad descriptions, so putting the Discord invite link in a squad message is what I'd recommend.

  • Maja.6372Maja.6372 Member ✭✭

    Isn't the squad message also chown as chat text? how do you copy it

  • The squad message is shown in chat text but you can also access it by clicking p then Squad message. It opens a window where you can copy the link

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