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Waypoint Price Guide Formula Questions?

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Hey everyone!

So according to multiple things, aka the GW2 Waypoint Wiki,

The total cost of traveling to a waypoint depends on your level and the distance traveled [1], and can be determined as follows:
Waypoint cost = C1 * [ 0.78 + max(0, (0.0003 / 24) * (Distance - 14400)) ] + C2
There are two level dependent constants, C1 and C2, which are determined by a lookup table:
C1 scales linearly between levels 0 and 80 from 4 Copper coin to 50 Copper coin.
C2 is zero up to level 30, and scales linearly between levels 31 and 80 from 0 Copper coin to 1 Silver coin.
The distance for this equation is measured in the unit that appears when hovering over markers on the minimap or in skill descriptions, i.e. inches.

So the wiki page does have a list of 'Base Fee' based off of the level and states that the Distance part of the equation can be found in game simply by mousing over the waypoint, etc. (Last line of the quote above).
Now I first attempt went along the lines of:

A Level 80 Character moving from Cornucopian Fields to Vigil Keep Waypoints.

50 cp being 50 cp and 100 cp being 1 sp. Does that mean the cost of travel would be 1 sp 21 cp (rounded up)?
And what about first level traveling the same distance?


That would mean that a first level traveling through the same location would only pay 2 cp?
Keep in mind I don't have a calculator that can do the whole equation as is, so I did it in parts following the steps.


Now I may be completely off via math or numbers in general, but for any of you Asurans out there, help a Sylvari out with some math?

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