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capes and skin idea.

darkblade.8451darkblade.8451 Member ✭✭
edited July 7, 2019 in Community Creations

Anet please please listen to me. i know you've got the physics for cloth down. just look at the protectors armor and the shackles of the mad. so please, give us this one thing and give us a dyable cape backpiece and a couple flail skin for the mace. like a krytan flail, steam flail, verdant flail, etc. i believe in you guys!!!


  • Agreed! It could even make a cool glider skin (something Batman-esque that flares out and attaches at the wrists when you glide, or Dr. Strange-esque that flutters behind you while your character glides in a more upright position).

  • that's actually a really cool idea.

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