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Roller Beetle Racing

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Can someone tell me why the roller beetle race checkpoints are bubbles instead of pillars/beacons? I can't tell you how many times I have had a perfect lap ruined because my beetle has bounced over the bubble and I lost a checkpoint. I get that maybe someone could run the whole thing on a griffon but with the maps I've seen the skill level required to do that would be much higher than on the beetle. Maybe they don't want someone who hasn't even unlocked the beetle to get all the perks but the achievement could just be locked behind the mount collection. To be clear, I don't mean a beacon that shoots straight to the top of the map, more like one that is twice as tall as the bubble is now. Not a big deal just hate having to redo a race for something so silly.


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    Probably because of visibility; it's much easier to see and aim for a bubble than a pair of pillars, especially on a mount with steering issues :)

  • I used to miss the top of the bubbles, too, until I learned that I could control when the beetle grabbed air. I think that's the intent.

    Even if it's not, and even if ANet agreed with you the bubbles need to be twice as tall, it would probably be 6-12 months before they got around to implementing a change. Much faster to see if you can learn a new trick so that you don't have to wait for them.

    This video was a big help to me:
    Step by step guide for Dragon Bash Rally (1:03.000)

    Mind you, I'm still not in any danger of breaking any speed records. The tips there are enough to finish in under 1:20 even on a rental.

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