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PvP API - Match Stats / Player In Match Stats -> Public General Access To PvP Data?

ZhouX.8742ZhouX.8742 Member ✭✭✭
edited July 16, 2019 in PVP

Is there a possibility you could make an additional endpoint for pvp/game? To match the pvp/games convention. Each match having an ID parameter tied to a player, linked with this data about a match and individual player information tied to that match:

A. {gameid} would output:

  1. Which team won
  2. Players in the game (id's of each player)
  3. Overview of class
  4. Map played
  5. Ranked/Unranked

B. {gameid/playerid} Drawing down to individual player output:

  1. Win Or Loss
  2. All noticeable stats (healing done, damage taken, damage done, caps, typical stats you'd see at the bottom in the end of the match for example)
  3. Class, Amulet and build used
  4. Utilities used
  5. Ranked/Unranked
  6. Pips lost / gained

Is this possible to do? It's because I was planning on building something similar to OP GG as part of a personal project for my academy.

Also I realize this data is only available via Account API with PvP permissions, is there plans at all to make the data public via a general API key for 3rd party platforms to build upon?


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