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    i bet most of the people in this thread are the type of people to stand on the point with a mesmer and eat every shatter. how about you stop trying to change the identity of a unique class that was developed by anet and focus on your own identities and not looks like whinney kittens. being a multiclass pvp player helps to counter any class, if you are not will to play and understand them all you have no right to give an opinion on any other class based on you're own biased belief.

  • Amityel.5324Amityel.5324 Member ✭✭✭

    nerf condi mirage i dont care i play power.....but if they ruin it too with nerf then I am out of this game forever......its only viable spec remaining after condi mirage nerf that is incoming for sure cuz ANET nerfs class based on crying on forums......I bet many of you stand on point while I am killing you from far with GS and IH and eat evey dmg just to cap or hold point for 3s more......

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    I once found a mesmer in wvw (blabla this is spvp) with my fair, balanced and non toxic condi p/d theif and I did 4k poison ticks with 2k bleeds in a few seconds. Nerf mirage.

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    Condi mirage is utterly broken and ridiculously OP. Stop defending it in the name of previous nerfs. They were just not enough and a lot needs to be done to tone down this cheese spec that requires no skill and just macro spams.

    In what world would a CI mirage ever need a macro?
    Secondly, it's far from "utterly broken or ridiculously OP." Like miles from it.

    Learn not to spam your skill bar at people, use your dodges for a purpose, and clear the bleed stack, that's literally all you have to do to beat them.

    It's beyond a joke and absolutely ridiculously broken. Don't try to justify a broken spec by giving L2P excuses. We've had enough of that. mirage needs some solid nerfs.

    Well then, name a nerf that would actually be intelligent, and not just "Nerf it because I want to." For instance, adding an internal cooldown to Chaotic Interruption would do wonders, and removing the Mirage's ability to dodge while hard CCd would balance everything a bit more. Meanwhile, requesting for nerfs on Daze Mantra (which was nerfed so many times I can't even count it) would be outrageous for any non-CI builds, while removing ambush skills would be brain-dead detrimental to the balance. You don't run macros on Mirage - it's one of the most reactive classes in this game, thus macroing would be detrimental to your personal skill cap.

    Your arguments show that you lack knowledge on Mirage, even if you've maybe played it before. Yes, I'm a Mirage main, and I'm super annoyed by CI Condition Interrupt Mirage. As a Power Mirage, I find that its abilities (for power builds) are at least somewhat balanced. Touching CI would be more intelligent than touching how Mirage works, can we agree on that?

    I mean, fundamentally, this Elite Specialization is broken because it can dodge while basically doing anything. They'd need to rework how Mirage works in a whole - and before that, they'd need to rework stuff like Scourge and Holosmith to tune down their respective capabilities. And that's not because I find them very oppressive, I personally have a good time as a Power Mirage fighting either of them. Their skill ceiling access though is too easy, in retrospective to each ladder, and they have currently too much impact in the Meta for them to pass after Mirage. Because let's remember that Mirage isn't seeing much play when you get higher than Gold 3.

    Where top 3 on leaderboards have been Mirage recently you still claim that mirage is not getting much use beyond gold 3. Macros or not, even a bronze player can easily climb the ladder with the broken mirage. Holo and scourge and everything else could do with minor nerfs but mirage needs huge nerfs to make it even acceptable.

    Did you play against said top 3 players multiple times? I did, and they all swapped classes to better fit their composition. And I don't recall one playing condi mirage. Show me some proof instead of shouting unverified "facts".

    Can you share recordings of your games and when they swapped. Share proof please.

  • Sampson.2403Sampson.2403 Member ✭✭✭

    I played the old condi mirages and decided to fire this new one up. Super broken just like everyone is saying. Well, time to have some FUN cracccckkkkkk

  • all the condi builds have the same problem (especially for new players) you need to look at your debuff bar to actually look what the kitten is happening, meanwhile fighting against other builds you actually watch the moves your opponent do and react to it.

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    Merge this pls No. 2

    "playing revenant is borderline exploiting" - up condimirage 2k18