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New Player Looking for Late Night PvX Guild.


Late night introvert here looking to join a friendly non-toxic guild that does events between 10PM EST and 4AM EST that will drag me out to content I want to do but am to afraid to ask for help with. I'm fairly new, still in level 80 exotic gear but I'm eager to learn and progress. So far I've mostly done open world PvE and a bit of PvP but I would like to experience everything PvX. I have both expansions and I'm working on getting all of the living world content next.

If you think your guild would be a good fit for someone like me hit me up in game or on discord [thedanny#8161]. My server is Northern Shiverpeaks but if the guild is the right fit I can save up and change to whichever WvW server the guild is on.

With Love,


  • Tiviana.2650Tiviana.2650 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Have you tried the oceanic guilds that are looking. They would prob be your best bet given the time you are on, the one at the top of this page for instance.